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Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship:
Why Not Finish That Book And Be Happy!

Are you a frustrated author or writer?
Have you long dreamed of publishing your book?
Do you want to know what it's like to get
big fat royalty and advance checks? Even checks
from the sale of your book in overseas markets
and in foreign languages?

If your in a hurry, just go right ahead & click the link below to see what I'm talking about: =>>
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I recently reviewed author coach and bestselling
author Rita Emmett's new program entitled:

Procrastinator's Guide To Authorship: A Step-By-Step,
7-Month Training Program To Complete Your Book, Get
It Published, and Start Making BIG Money

This is just the kind of no-excuse, kick-in-the-pants
system you need to actually start and FINISH your
book to get it published and start earning fat
checks... FAST!

If you're frustrated. If you're big on starting but
not so good at finishing then Rita's program is what
you need ==>
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She takes you gently by the hand and shows you in
easy bite-sized and "doable" steps how to:

* Finish your book
* Find an agent
* Negotiate with publishers
* Get advances
* Strike foreign rights deals
* Get publicity
* Develop recurring royalty income for work you
only have to do once

Rita gives you everything you need to find success as an author.
It doesn't matter how frustrated you feel right now or how
much you've failed in the past, Rita will be there helping
you through for a full half-year...

This is a very innovative program that if you are a writer or
author you simply must check out! ==>
Click Here

You won't be sorry you did.

P.S. Rita Emmett is the real deal. She is the bestselling author
of 3 books, one of which is a Book of The Month pick, she has appeared
in the national media including the "Today Show" and has shown
many other authors how to finish their book and get it on the
bestseller list.

Do yourself a favor check out her system ==>
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